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OSHO Commune in Daily Bhaskar
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Osho; an Open Wave
We are a group of individuals Osho disciples working to bring Osho and his work as an ‘Open Source’. We have been working in Osho Ashram from 1974 onwards in different areas as per Osho’s guidance.
During past few years it is realised by all of us that the present administrators/ trustees / resort authorities of Osho movement at Poona, India; are not working as per Osho’s guidance. They have been gradually and systemically deleting Osho’s presence and fragrance from Osho space at Poona. It is obvious to note that number of visitors are decreasing each day due to the restrictive policies of present resort authorities. It is learnt that since last few years they made many efforts to monopolies and commercialese Osho’s vision in Poona Osho Ashram as well as around the world. Many of our efforts to communicate with the said resort authorities have not brought any positive results so far. Instead, their policies day by day have turned more and more arrogant and restrictive.
Hence, we are creating this platform for Osho’s disciples, friends and admirers to put our voice to the concern persons and law enforcements agencies of the government. We have initiated a legal process in which the said resort authorities shall be held responsible to their unfulfilled, fundamental obligations towards the Osho community. The list of such unfulfilled obligations is stated in Aims & Objectives.
We have taken a step in this direction by filling an application at the office of the Charity Commissioner, Mumbai. If required we are ready to proceed this case to other competent court of law. However, we prefer that the said resort authorities shall respond and resolve the differences in amicable manner, rather than tedious and unpleasant legal means.
Aims and objectives in respect to the present court case filed by us:
The entire Osho movement is a gift of Osho to the mankind. The creation of the entire structure of properties, infrastructure, benefit factors and all the improvements thereby in its totality is developed over the years by Osho and his community. It is no body’s private property. Hence we request the present concern persons who are administrating Osho’s work at Poona, India and around the world:
1. To end violation of Osho’s guidance on fundamental issues such as use of Osho premises and offices.
2. To end commercialization and monopolization of Osho’s premises, articles and intellectual property rights.
3. An orderly accountable performance of obligations being a member of Osho’s Inner Circle and trustees of various charitable trusts as well as directors of Pvt. Ltd. Cos. and Co. Operative Housing Societies as initially designed to accommodate proliferation of Osho’s work.
4. Termination of high entry fees of Rs.400/- for Indian National and Rs.850/- for foreigners. This divide of nationalism is against the fundamentals of Osho’s teachings.
5. To remove restrictions to perform Seva (Work = Worship) by Osho community people for 3 and 6 hours. Whereas the same is now being transferred to highly paid five star luxurious agencies like Sudexo. Such services shall be considered only on the requirements or short fall of helpers
6. Not maintian high expensive life style of staying in five/ seven star hotels at the cost and expenses of Osho Community directly or indirectly.
7. Not to transfer activities of the charitable trust in favor of Pvt. Ltd. Cos. In India and abroad.
8.Declare income and expenditure accounts in respect of earning of Osho’s intellectual property rights.
Our objectives are:
1. Amalgamate all the institutions such as various trusts, Pvt. Ltd. Cos. with existing main public Charitable Trusts namely Osho International Foundation and Neo Sannyas Foundation having its fully functional offices in the trust premise at Poona India.
2. Make a broader presence of trustees in the said charitable trusts from existing 2 members to 15 members from Osho Community.
3. Make the entry fees affordable to Rs.100/- per day without discrimination of cult, religion and nationalism.
4. Allow Osho Community workers to perform seva / work 6 hours basis without any entry fees. And for 3 hours on concessional rates.
5. Make various cost saving efforts to utilize funds and contributions of the trusts efficiently.
6. Reinforce Osho Samadhi.
7. Reinforce Osho’s Inner Circle of 21 members as per Osho’s vision.
8. Make available Osho’s room, library and other articles to visitors of Osho Ashram on permanent basis.
9.Let Osho community members to arrange ‘Osho Celebrations’ in the Ashram/ trust premise.
We hope that the present Osho Resort authorities shall be able to bring relief to the above stated matters amicably, with love and care as per Osho’s teachings.
This is an effort to intimate Osho Resort authorities that in case if they fail to meet the demands of Osho Community at large than we have no option left but to take necessary measures and remedy under the provisions of Constitution of India.
Present court case
06 Oct. 2011
Application filed before Honorable Charity Commissioner Maharashtra at Mumbai