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What Are the Documents OIF Is Relying On to Claim Copyright Ownership? PDF Print E-mail

In claiming to own Osho’s copyrights in His work, OIF is relying on several documents that are listed below. Go to these articles for details of the documents and their legal effects.

Document 1:
An agreement dated 1978 and allegedly between Osho and Rajneesh Foundation (RF) in India.


Document 2:
An agreement dated 1981 allegedly between Osho and Chidvilas Rajneesh Meditation Center in New Jersey. This entity later operated as Rajneesh Foundation International (RFI) on the Rajneeshpuram in Oregon.


Document 3:
An agreement dated 1981 allegedly between Rajneesh Foundation in India and Chidvilas Rajneesh Meditation Center [RFI] in the USA.


Document 4:
An agreement dated 1985 allegedly between RFI and Rajneesh Foundation Europe (RFE) in Switzerland, which later became Osho International Foundation (OIF).


Document 5:
An agreement dated 1986 allegedly between RFI and RFE [OIF].


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